Everything you wanted to know about Bresse eggs.

a dozen la Bresse Gauloise eggs from my breeding flock

You can eat la Bresse eggs and they are just the same as any other chickens egg. Typically eggs from my Bresse hens weigh between 58 and 65 grams.

Being a meat only breed and a seasonal layer, la Bresse eggs are not easy to come as they are mostly hatched to provide meat birds.

Are bresse chickens good layers?

Breese hens are seasonal layers which produce between 160 and 180 eggs per year. I would not class Bresse hens as good layers, the breed is expensive to feed and as such has a low feed efficiency.

Below: Bresse eggs are variable in size.

The hens take a long time to settle into their laying cycle and have a tendency to stop laying completely for at least three months after the moult.

What colour eggs do Bresse lay?

La Bresse Gauloise eggs are white to light cream. There is considerable variability in the egg and colour because these birds have been selected to provide meat and so not much attention was paid to selecting eggs for size or colour, birds were chosen for their ability to produce the best carcass.

How many eggs do Bresse chickens lay?

The number of eggs laid per year for Bresse hens:

YearNumber of eggs
Year 1160 / 180
Year 2150 / 170
Year 3130 / 150
Year 4100 / 120
Year 580 / 100
Year 660 or less

Bresse hens will not normally lay eggs after they are 6 years old.

When do bresse chickens start to lay eggs?

Bresse chickens are relatively quick to mature, mine begin to lay at around 18 to 20 weeks of age although those raised late in the year might not begin to lay until the following spring.

Of all of my chickens these birds produce the most odd sized and shaped of any breed and long pointed eggs are common.

Where to get Bresse eggs and how much to pay for them:

Bresse eggs are difficult to find and expensive. Their production is legally controlled and most escapees have been smuggled out and can not really be called La Bresse.

Expect to pay at least $10 (£6 to £8) each per egg for decent quality stock.

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